Single item menu

Crab “Shabu Shabu” hot pot
(including 4 legs, 1 claw and vegetables)
Sliced raw crab meat “Sashimi” Boiled snow crab
Grilled snow crab
(Medium size)
Grilled king crab
Crab and seasonal vegetable “Tempura”
(Deep fried vegetables)
Snow crab gratin
【Sliced raw crab】
 Sliced raw crab meat “Sashimi” 1,880yen (w/o tax)
【Boiled dish】
 Boiled snow crab  1,880yen (w/o tax)
【Grilled dish】
 Grilled snow crab (Medium size) 1,880yen (w/o tax)
 Grilled snow crab (Queen size) 2,380yen (w/o tax)
 Grilled king crab 3,780yen (w/o tax)
 Grilled king crab
 Half portion (serves 3 to 4)
12,000yen (w/o tax)
   Grilled snow crab with butter   1,900yen (w/o tax)
 Grilled king crab with butter 3,780yen (w/o tax)
 Grilled crab shell with innards
 (crab butter)
1,880yen (w/o tax)
【Deep fried dish】
 Deep fried snow crab 1,880yen (w/o tax)
 Deep fried king crab 3,780yen (w/o tax)
 Crab and seasonal vegetable “Tempura”
 (Deep fried vegetables)
 1,880yen (w/o tax)
 Crab innards
 (as known as Crab Butter)
500yen (w/o tax)
 Crab salad 1,200yen (w/o tax)
 Snow crab gratin  1,480yen (w/o tax)
   King crab gratin  1,680yen (w/o tax)
【Hot pot dish】
 Traditional crab hot pot  4,200yen (w/o tax)
 (including half portion of crab and vegetables)
 Crab “Shabu Shabu” hot pot 4,800yen (w/o tax)
 (including 4 legs, 1 claw and vegetables)
 Rice porridge
 (with pickled vegetables)
650yen (w/o tax)
 ※Only available for those who ordered crab hot pot or “Shabu Shabu”
 Ice cream of the day 280yen (w/o tax)
 (vanilla, black sesame, citrus and green tea)
※Depending on the purchase price of food, prices and contents may be changed without notice