Draft beer 660yentax included  
   Bottled beer  660yentax included  
   Non-alcoholic beer 605yentax included  
   Nishinoseki 【Oita】 180ml   550yentax included  
   Nishinoseki (Dry)【Oita】 180ml 660yentax included  
   Kenshin【Niigata】 180ml 770yentax included  
  【Cold sake】  
   Classic 300ml 990yentax included  
   Ichinoide 300ml 880yentax included  
   Sansui 300ml 825yentax included
   Nishi no hoshi 900ml 2,420yentax included
   Satsuma shiranami 900ml 2,420yentax included
   Kuro kirishima 900ml 2,420yentax included
   Sanraku 900ml 2,750yentax included
   Shochu(On the rocks・with water・with hot water)  550yen eachtax included)~
  【Plum liquor】
   with soda・On the rocks 748yen eachtax included
  【Liqueur soda】
   Gigantic peak・Plum・Green apple
   Peach・Cassis etc. 550yen eachtax included
   On the rocks・With water single 616yentax included
   On the rocks・With water double 968yentax included
   Cassis・Gin tonic
   Moscow Mule 638yen eachtax included
  【Soft drink】
   Orange・Coca cola
   Oolong tea・Gingeraire 418yen eachtax included