Seasonal recommendation

Hairy crab
Season of hairy crab is not only winter.
Some might say summer because it can be caught in many places and season also differs. Major places are such as Okhotsk sea, Uchiura bay, coast of Kushiro, Nemuro and Tokachi. The crab can be caught from March until September or so.
Seiko crab (Female snow crab)
The season starts from November to January.
We call female snow crab “Seiko Crab”.
Often they carry their eggs since female crab.
Snow crab
Snow crab that especially caught in Okhotsk sea has best season now (April to May). Snow crab is sometimes called “Echizen crab” or “Matsuba crab”, depending on where they are caught.
Red snow crab
The season starts from September to May.
This crab is only caught in Kasumi port, Sanin of Hyogo prefecture. As known as “Kasumi Crab” lives in the depths of 1000m of the Japan sea. Comparing to normal snow crab, this crab has fresh red color.